Why don't some people trust wikipedia? Kindly check my writing. This sample essay I made is from IELTS question.? System Administrator salary... could I make this much? Seniors, are you a better typist than you used to be? Do employers not hire based on unique name? I hate and dread my birthday and it's coming up in a few days?!?! Please help!? Japanese: How do you say "I take the bus to work"? I'm not sure my boyfriend is ready to handle real life? I ve graduated from college of Telecom and Info with the first honor degree and didn t find a job in my study(major) field, what should I do? Does being a key carrier at Dollar General impressive on a resume? Black Phantom Tetras nipping? Should school boards require high school students to take a foreign language class?

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      I think it's worth your best shot. Put together good essays, good recommendations and you never know. Just keep in mind that the chances are very slim. First, because you are transferring and second because your high school grades are not the best they could be. As far as your interest in getting an MBA from a top business school is concerned, you should keep in mind that people get... Full answer

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